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Quality care

Lower cost

Experienced feline veterinarians

Not all cats are the same. Feline medicine requires veterinarians with a special interest and experience in feline medicine.

We have it at an affordable cost!

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           Great deal package!



We have never seen your cat?

 you just got it from a shelter?

you are looking for the maximum

 preventive care with rabies vaccine

at a minimum cost

Ask for the

"Premium feline package for new cats"
 which includes:

V   Technical review of the cat's health record

V Wellness examination and consultation with a vet

Fecal ova parasites laboratory  testing

Rhinotracheitis (herpes) vaccination

V Chlamidia vaccination (zoonotic)

V Calicivirus (mouth/ URI) vaccination

V Feline Leukemia test if not done

V Rabies vaccination

V Certification of  Rabies vaccination valid 1 year

A numbered rabies tag for your pet

V Feline Leukemia vaccination

V Pedicure for your cat if necessary

Cost : $97.50
             limited time only

Note: This is a special package that assumes your pet is healthy. It does not include other vaccinations, any treatment  or test that you may elect to do. A free estimate can be given at anytime at your request. Applies to new pets only. Call us to make sure that your pet qualifies. Other restrictions may apply. Not valid for sick animals .Does not apply to house calls.

Veterinary house call available

for vaccinations.







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